Boo who - is boolean always lower case and quoted?

what’s happening:
I’m working through the “Basic Algorithm Scripting - Boo who” challenge and I’d like some help understanding why boolean is only accepted in a particular format (syntax?). does the string ‘boolean’ always need to be lower case? when i originally tried submitting my answer to the challenge, it was written exactly as it is in the spoiler below but with a capital B for Boolean without quotes and it was rejected (the first two tests failed, all the others passed). Then, I tried surrounding Boolean (still with a capital B) with quotes and I received the same results.

While I was doing this challenge, I was reading the MDN web docs about booleans and in each example of code the documentation had the word capitalized and not in quotes. Am I missing something or is this specific to what this particular FCC challenge wants?

What is the difference between capital B Boolean with no quotes and lowercase b ‘boolean’ with quotes?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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function booWho(bool) {
return typeof bool === "boolean" ? true : false;

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Challenge: Basic Algorithm Scripting - Boo who

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Look at the output of typeof here:

Note, by the way, that x === y ? true : false is not needed - you can just use x === y

ooooooo. makes sense. I also didn’t realize that all of the other tests should return false, which explains why they passed :slight_smile: . and yes! i’m trying to get a hang of when i can leave out the verbose true/false returns. tricky for me, for whatever reason. thanks for your response!

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