Book Store Survey Form Project

Hello everyone :smiley:
This is my Survey Form Project
can you please take a moment and have a look on it and tell me your opinions, suggestions ect…
Thank You


Clicking the dropdown arrow on the top right of your html area and clicking analyze is a good way to find some errors. I found these when analyzing it:


Visually I found that hovering over the submit button makes it unreadable because it uses the page’s background as the color which doesn’t go well with white text.

Good job besides the above :+1:

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What is the “engagement” question referring to? :thinking:

One thing I would consider adding is an “Other” option under Favorite Products and Favorite Genres, with room for the user to write in another short answer.

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I will add the missing attributes and i will change the hovering over submit button.
Thank you so much for you time . I appreciate that :blush:

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i actually didn’t know about the html analyzing thing on codepen until you told me now :sweat_smile:
I’m still a beginner there. Thanks again

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the store sends monthly box that includes many product and books. and the costumer has the right to choose how many editions he wants. 1, 2 or 3.
I actually was hesitated to put the ‘engagement’ word there, but i didn’t know the exact word that needs to be putted there.

Thank you for suggesting to add ‘Other’ option, i will try to add it.:blush:

Oh, I see what you mean! “Edition” made me think of the different editions of a book - first edition, second edition. Maybe a phrase like “Subscription level: one book / month”?

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