Book Trading App, just completed

Hello everyone,

My Book Trading App


Front end

  • React, for components
  • React router, for routing
  • Apollo React, for fetching data using GraphQL

Back end

  • Express
  • Apollo express
  • Bcrypt for password


  • Sqlite3
  • Better-sqlite

Build tool

  • Webpack
  • PostCSS

Google Book API

Total time taken: 70 hours, spread across 2 months (as I was on holiday most of this time)

Feedback are welcome :pray:t2:

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Very well done! I like it.

Some feedback to give you:

  1. Sometimes the API returns a book description with html tags and they’re shown.
  2. Some sections need a little more styling IMO.

Other than that I think it works great. Congrats!

Is this for a challenge a didn’t see yet?

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Thank Spaniard,

I am not sure why sometimes the google API returns description with html tags. I can possibly find a library to remove those tags. I have to say I am not very good at design. I do not use any UI framework/library, instead I just code mostly from scratch…

The book trading app project is used to be a part of the back end project
Now it’s a part of the take-home-project

Ahh, alright. Maybe I’ll give it a chance sometime in the future :slight_smile:

You could try this:

Hope it works for you.

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