Bookmark permission error. Bug?

hi, just recently seein a case where couldn’t access my bookmarks specifically when navigating to the activity > bookmarks section of the site on any post which i had posted in before. the error i got says

You do not have permission to view this user’s bookmarks.

screenshot attached

Hello there,

I have not heard of this before. However, let us see if we can debug it.

I realise you have had your username changed. Have you been able to access the bookmarks since?

@Sky020 yes, it was changed, but did not specifically check it after the update. i do have access to the bookmarks through the profile button through this series of steps

Profile > click on username > click on Activity > then click on Bookmarks

it just stood out since it was a different point of access and perhaps it is just a minor bug and hopefully is reproducible.

Ah. Ok, I understand now. I can confirm that this is a bug. Even I cannot access my bookmarks through the Profile button directly.

My thinking is this is related to the migration from to

@raisedadead, could you confirm?

I am AFK at the minute, can you please log an issue on the tracker and tag the dev-team

@xps321, I was about to open an issue, but I am unable to reproduce this bug. Could you confirm whether this is still an issue for you or not?

@Sky020 Oddly enough, seems like it isn’t reproducible on my end either. So, no longer an issue.

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Thanks for confirming.