Boorangoma Music Survey Form

Hi! Please check out my completed survey-form project

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It looks great.
You could use with some whitespace between your radio/checkboxes and their labels.
should be easy enough with css

Hi thanks for the feedback…added about 15px of space.

Your form looks good @BrandonTL. Some comments;

  • It’s a nit but the placeholder text should not mirror the label. Rather it should give the user the format of what is to be entered.

@Roma I’m not exactly sure what you mean. Could you please give an example?

for a name input I will often use placeholder="eg. John Smith"
for an email input placeholder="eg."

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@BrandonTL, as mentioned it’s a nit. But since the label says “name” rather than repeating that with a placeholder of “please enter your name” you can use something like “John Smith”.

Excellent , nice and simple front layout.

small note:
Viewed on my mobile (smartphone),
on label: Mixing and Mastering Services,
as word "Service " is slightly far to the left and under the check box.
see if you can adjust in media tag ,
otherwise, EXCELLENT!

@damianicely ohhh i get it now. Thanks

hi, thanks. let me try work on that

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