Bootcamp Vs Freelancing

Hey everyone,

I’ve essentially completed the fcc curriculum (except for all the projects) and have learnt typescript, some in-depth CS and few other bits and pieces but I don’t feel like I have enough on my portfolio and nor do I want my portfolio to be all fcc challenges.

I’m wondering if you think it would be better for my portfolio to pick up free-lance job or join a bootcamp to get a good portfolio.

Thank in advance

You haven’t completed any of the projects? I honestly believe the projects are more important than all of the challenges, since most challenges are mostly passed with one or two lines of code (some are heck of a lot harder)

The projects themselves are great to put in a portfolio, especially the more complex ones. So your welcome to take up another bootcamp, but a portfolio without projects is not a good sign. Doing challenges is one thing, building things is on another level.

Go do more of the challenges for FCC, the more complex ones are where the real value of FCC lies, since you have to tend with lots of implementation details that FCC doesn’t just guide you thru.

Goodluck :smile:

I’ve done a number of the projects and some of my own side projects. I was just staying I want to get some other projects for my portfolio that were going to be more substantial and challenge that’s all.