Bootstrap 4 - basic button styling doesn't work?

When it came to work on projects, I’ve been including Boostrap 4 via Codepen’s CSS QuickAdd option instead of 3.x, thinking I’d be better of learning whatever’s newest.

But noticed today that very simple button styling wouldn’t work under v4, but worked fine when I got rid of 4 and used 3 instead (Win 10, Chrome 62):

<button class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" type="submit">Button</button>

Here’s a Codepen with nothing but the button html: For me, switching Bootstrap versions via QuickAdd makes expected BS styling work or fail.

The only thing I noticed is the 4.0 version is beta2.

Anyone else having the same issue? Is it a bad idea/risky to use BS4 at this point?

  • Jim

Codepen’s quick-add for Bootstrap 4 only adds the grid classes. If you want the full library, replace bootstrap-grid.css with bootstrap.min.css.

Ah, gotcha! Thanks a lot for pointing that out - totally missed the difference.