Bootstrap 4 - will diving directly in cause backward compatability issues in my abilities

Hi there,

I have recently started the front end development course here on freeCodeCamp and have only just been introduced to Bootstrap. As such, I am very much ignorant of almost all of it and will be dedicating plenty of time to familiarizing myself with it.

All of this is wonderful and part of the process, I know, the only issue I have is whether to start with Bootstrap 3 or 4. The stable version of 4 has just been released and will most probably start to take bootstrap 3’s place(slowly). My question therefore is: Is it premature to disregard bootstrap 3 and learn 4 straight off the bat, or would I benefit more from starting with 3 and taking advantage of the plethora of bootstrap 3 tutorials available online?

All opinions are welcome!


Honestly, the official Bootstrap documentation is really good so I wouldn’t worry too much about having to find tutorials.

But if you really like tutorials, then do them in Bootstrap 3 at first. As you understand it, you can start diving into the differences between 3 and 4 and really cement your understanding by adapting instructions written for Bootstrap 3 into Boostrap 4. It really is just the latest version of the same thing, so once you understand the premise of Bootstrap (the important/tricky part is just getting used to the grid system) the changes are mostly just tweaks to syntax and some of the styling.

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Hi @ArielLeslie,

Thanks for the advice. I think I can work things out from the documentation so I’ll go straight for 4. I’m sure I’ll find the support I need on here anyway :).