Bootstrap app manually

Hello guys. i’m trying to build react application without create-react-app. How can i bootstrap the application (configure bundling, loading, etc.) manually?

NOTE that you lose a huge amount of stuff you get out-of-the-box with CRA, you will need to add that stuff bit-by-bit as needed (testing being the majorly obvious thing missing)

Thank you. but using using any runtime libraries is prohibited except for the react core itself and CSS-in-JS approach allowers.

You can’t use React without ReactDOM, so disallowing that would prevent you making a web app. I mean, you can make the app, but it won’t actually do anything, you’ll just have a blank HTML page. React itself doesn’t do anything visually, it just builds and updates a tree structure of functions and objects. You need something to render it to a web page, which is what ReactDOM does. You also won’t be able to use any CSS-in-JS libraries as they all require ReactDOM as a peer dependency (again, they can’t work without it)

Very useful info. Very appreciated. Can setup environment manually Using Parcel (like using Webpack)?

That’s what the article describes, yes.

I asked my lecturer and he told me that i can only use Webpack…

Is there any article that shows the same process with Webpack?

I’m happy to give you links, but have you looked at the Webpack documentation itself or made any attempt at all to use Google? Because the Webpack documentation tells you how to use it, and yes, there are hundreds of articles. At the minute it kinda feels like you aren’t looking anything up