Bootstrap Button Challenge: doesnt recognize text "Like"

I have created the bootstrap button for this simple challenge but it doesnt recognize my text. Is there maybe a bug?

Here is my code:

And i get these test results:
Create a new button element with the text “Like”.

I think the code is right. Maybe it is on wrong place. It says: “below your large kitten photo”. It sholud be under the 3 kitten photo.

Next time write which challenge or make a link or paste the full code, please . Thanks. :slight_smile:

BalintTiborHun is right - just put it under the large photo of three kittens and above the <p>Things cats love:</p>
I believe it will pass :slight_smile:

Sorry, this is my first post, youre right
Here is a more descriptive screenshot:

I guess i’m putting the code in the right place youre suggesting, so I cannot understand why its not passing. Also the problem reported is about the text.

Good code at right place. It doesn’t like your “Like”.
Try the “Reset ALL Code” button and retype it again.

It got accepted, thanks! seems its a bit sensitive!