Bootstrap classes not responding in Random Quote Machine

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Hello! Finishing up the HTML markup and noticed some of the bootstrap classes are not applied to my Random Quote Machine project. More specifically:

  1. the content does not center on the page
  2. my btn-default buttons don’t show a border/frame, and they stack vertically even though I used list-inline class.

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Steve O.

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Challenge: Build a Random Quote Machine

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Hi Steve O,

You have bootstrap 4 linked to your html page, and you are using bootstrap 3 classes.
Either change your bootstrap to bootstrap3 or:

  1. offsetting class should be offset-md-2 not col-md-offset-2

  2. for buttons in b4

  3. for inline list, give your list items a class of “list-inline-item”

Wow, you are amazing! You saved my day! Thank you so much, Vumbhoni!

Have an awesome day!

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