Bootstrap Drop-Down Menu Height is too long


I want add more options in my second and third dropdown menu at desktop mode, but the list is too long.

I try to add css about max-height to the dropdown. I browse websites on my computer, when I hover the third-level menu doesn’t appear. How can I resolve the issue of the third-level menu not appearing?

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Its difficult to help, without seeing code.
You can isolate the areas of code you think best show the problem your having, and past them into a post using three backticks before and after a code block to display your code.
If you cant find a backtick on your keyboard use ALT + 096 on the keypad to display one.

You have hidden the overflow on the parent container so it hides the child.

Deeply nested menus, and having the third sub-menu so far away from the initial hover point, is not great UX. It gets annoying very fast to get to the menu items. I would try keeping the third sub-menu inside the second and opening it down instead of to the left.

I guess you have a few other options, but you would need to move the child out of the parent, which make the positioning and document structure different.

Thanks for your reply. I will try different method.