Bootstrap Formatting Doesn't Carry Over from CodePen Pens to Projects

So as a personal project, I built this pen in CodePen:

See the Pen Running Resources by Bill (@bill5) on CodePen.

Then I realized that having everything on one page doesn’t make for great organization. I am new to CodePen, so I decided it would be a good idea to experiment with CodePen’s projects. I copied everything over and linked to bootstrap, but for some reason the nav bar and other bootstrap formatting no longer works. Can someone help me?

Here is the new project:

Hey. You used Bootstrap 3 on your pen but linked Bootstrap 4 on your project’s index.html, that’s why the formatting isn’t the same.

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Thank you!!! It works now. Just out of curiosity (and the pursuit of more knowledge), how come Bootstrap 4 doesn’t work?

No problem! It does work, but the two versions use different classes\style\tags for their components (like the navbar, for example), therefore you can’t mix them.

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You can find more info on the differences here:


Thank you, both!!! This really helped.