Bootstrap Like NavBar made with Plain JS!

Now i know what other members mean when they told me that plain vanilla can do anything a framwork can! so i tried to make a Bootstrap navbar Using Plain old Javascript!

So take a peek and resize your browser!!

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I think you have a misunderstanding of what a framework is.

A CSS framework (like Bootstrap) is just plain CSS underneath it – nothing magical about it. You still need to know CSS to properly and effectively use Bootstrap.
“Bootstrap” is not magic, it’s just a brand name with it’s own class naming convention and “opinions” on how it should be used. If you opt to use a framework, you “go along” with it. You don’t use a framework, and then try to fight against it.

So of course, plain vanilla CSS can do anything a framework can do.

For a small project, or a one-man project, a framework may be overkill and not needed.

But for a large project, comprised of tens or hundreds of developers working on the same thing, you don’t want 10 or 100 developers doing the same thing 10 or 100 different ways. This is where frameworks come in and impose standards and consistency. It also saves time (for time == money in business). And it’s documented, so 100 developers can see and understand how a specific framework works.

Oh I see! I really have no plan onto working with frameworks, well unless if i will have my job, like a real job!