im making a 7 page website
and im using the bootstrap.min.css file and also my own custom css file
now the bootstrap file is 120 kb size
do i need to use seperate bootstrap files for all my pages or just a single boostrap file will work?
if i add 7 copies of boostrap.min.css then its 840 kb of css files

can a single copy of bootstrap.min.css file work with all 7 pages of mine?

Normally you’d only need one copy of bootstrap.min.css. Then you’d add additional css files for your own styles.

Alternatively, you can use BootstrapCDN so you don’t have to add it to your files.

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ok so what is more fast ?
adding a physical copy of the bootstrap
or adding online link to my html?

In my experience there isn’t much difference (except when internet connection gets bad). Plus you can’t work offline.

If you really want to compare then you may want to read these articles:

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Of course you don’t need 7 Bootstrap files, you only need one. Simply <link> to the same file in the <head> of each of your pages. You should also use only one stylesheet for your own styles for all of your pages (in most cases at least, and as far as I know).

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