Bootstrap Multi Select

                                <label for="challenges">Client Challenges</label>

                                <select class="custom-select" multiple  id="myMulti" >

                                    <option selected>Choose...</option>

                                    <option >Housing</option>

                                    <option >Legal</option>

                                    <option >Substance Abuse</option>

                                    <option>Finincial Stress</option>

                                    <option >Disability Support</option>





Its not giving me a multiple select

@Bibek1 ,

your code is perfectly fine, you have to select the items with crtl on your keyboard. ctrl + items you want to select for multiselect

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thank you @nivethakrishnan72 . Is there any way to make it responsive like you can select like a checkbox and cross it

@Bibek1 ,

Hope you adding all the required package for the dropdown and also you have add some jquery or javascript to make it work like a checkbox.

Hope this helps

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