Bootstrap or alone?

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I’m following this guide ( ) that I found in this forum. I took template, this ( ). I’m trying to do but it’s hard (I’m in Advanced Algorithm Scripting section in FFC’s map). I think I have to use Bootstrap or something else like that. Does some give me tips about this? Link, course, book, video, word. Everythings is good. :smiley:

Well you don’t technically have to use Bootstrap. The thing to keep in mind is a big part of Bootstrap is streamlining the css styling you have to do, not negating it. Meaning you can do everything stylistically that you get with Bootstrap with just plain old css.

Being a framework, Bootstrap speeds up production time because of all the built-in stuff. But you can totally make that entire template you linked with just html/css. But it would take longer to do it all from scratch. Which is one of the pluses of using a framework cause it takes out a lot of the guessing and trial and error of putting together a layout that functions/responds perfectly.

If you’re looking to hone your html/css skills, I’d say try making the site with just those, no framework. Get as far as you can with it. And afterwords try building it again but this time using Bootstrap.

As for tips, check out this massive FCC Bootstrap 4 guide:

I haven’t gone through it myself yet (learning Bootstrap is on my agenda in the new year), but it looks really thorough.

And if you’re looking for some good old fashioned responsive css methods check out:


If your only on the scripting bonfire challenges (as opposed to projects) then to be honest Bootstrap is completely unnecessary. Further, I don’t believe any libraries are really required to complete these tasks.

As Dlyons said keep in mind Bootstrap is basically a library for responsive containers for CSS, particularly for cross platform use cases.

I came to Bootstrap from CSS, but to be honest since I’ve been concentrating since on CSS Grid as I find this is much more flexible, with cleaner code and a more (at least IMHO) intuitive layout style. Plus ‘Grid’ is not dependent on any libraries-- Its built into the current CSS standard.

Some good resources I’ve found for learning CSS Grid:


If you can’t do it in css yet then learn css before trying to use bootstrap. the only reasons to use bootstrap despite not knowing css are.

  1. You can’t be bothered to learn something as basic as css, who still uses C amirite?
  2. It’s your first website and you just want something that looks nice to give you that nice boost of confidence
  3. You’re a startup founder and you heard that everyone is using bootstrap

Unless you fall into the above 3 categories then take your time to learn css before learning bootstrap, it’s easier that way and saves you a lot of time in the future when you need to learn Sass, css-in-js, react-native styling, etc.

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@dlyons Thank you for exhaustive answer. I will use your link to improve my skills. I will put aside Bootstrap 4 for now as you suggest.

@abalducci I have studied a bit CSS Grid but I dindn’t found easy put same class in different places without use id. I will check your links to improve my layout and do that template without Bootstrap. Thank you!

@ic3mango I thought I had a good foundation but I was wrong as you can see. I want made one website (first in full) with good layout and improve my responsivi layout skills. I will go to study CSS again and try to do some mini-project. Maybe this is the way. Thank you for the answer.

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If you care about the journey and not just the destination, going with vanilla CSS and HTML will be a much better learning experience than taking the bootstrap shortcut.
Frameworks are great, but the minute you start depending on them, you pretty much stop being a developer.

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