Bootstrap or JavaScript?

Hi Guys, I am new here and I am happy to have joined you. I just finished an Udemy Course about HTML + CSS(including sass). I just need your advice. As the next step would you suggest me to jump to JavaScript or firstly try to learn Bootstrap framework than learn JavaScript?

Welcome, Enea.

The simplest place to start is the freeCodeCamp curriculum:

If you are fairly comfortable with HTML and CSS, then you can move straight to the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures course. The course after that (Front End Libraries) covers Bootstrap (among others).

If you are not sure about your fluency with HTML and CSS, have a skim through the Responsive Web Design course. Maybe try out a few of the Projects, and if you are comfortably getting through those, then move on.

Whilst there is no need for you to complete, or even start, the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures course before learning BootStrap, if you are wanting to learn JavaScript anyway, following the course layout on fCC is certainly the easiest way to keep track of your progress.

Hope this helps

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