Bootstrap Question

Hey guys! Happy Sunday! I’m having some issues centering the elements on my page. I’m using bootstrap, the formatting sticks on the m/s/xs transition points, however at the large position, the formatting falls apart. I’ve included my HTML, any help would be appreciated!

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Here is a link to the gist

There is also a css file where I create the border elements, and set the box sizes to 100x100px

What does main.js and style.css look like? Better yet, do you have a JSFiddle or Codepen version so we can actually see what it looks like live instead of rebuilding the html, css, and js code ourselves? It would make it much easier for other campers to help you and you will get more responses.

Thank you, you just talked about the problem. But if you could see it would have been better.please share link or online showcasing website like, JSFiddle vs Codepen.
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