Bootstrap Reference / API?

The Bootstrap official docs are useless . At least for a beginner like me. But I have a feeling the same applies to advanced users. Because stuff is simply not defined.
For example if you search for a complete , clear explanation of what “input-group-prepend” does you will find…NOTHING. It appears in 7 places on the forms page, USED but not explained. Also it appears once on the Migrations page with the explanation being useless.
So my question is: is there a free / paid classes and JS API Reference ?
I am NOT interested in videos, tutorials etc… just a decent REFERENCE , meaning a list in which one has the guarantee he will find every single class and concept…like one SHOULD for a library of this popularity …

Welcome, cristimocean.

This is not necessarily what you might want, but I use this resource almost exclusively for info on Bootstrap:

Hope this helps

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That’s what I was looking for, but with some good explanations for each entry.
But thank you for this too. This is a very nice helper.
I have a feeling that what I want doesn’t exist. All books on the topic are shallow too.

I would hardly call the Bootstrap docs useless, as far as docs go they are pretty good if you ask me.

You do seem to have found a somewhat obscure class that also looks to be getting removed in V5 as well.

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I just ment useless for helping beginners grow.
“As far as docs go” you should see the VUE docs ! They are a masterpiece of teaching.

Thanks for the link.

Well in all fairness the Vue docs are kind of renowned for being good. That is a very high standard to have for docs. I think you will find after you have read some more docs that the BS docs aren’t so bad after all.

Docs are notoriously hard to write and maintain. I’m not trying to make excuses for anyone, I’m just saying it’s harder than it looks I guess.

You may be right…I guess I’m just a bit angry because the doc writers sometimes seem pretentious, meaning they could have used simpler words. I caught them several times doing that. I completely understood the subject but I still disagreed with their wording.

But yeah you’re right…I’ve seen worse… tkinter / matplotlib docs for example :slight_smile:

And thanks again for the link. I didn’t believe I would find one case where w3schools (a.k.a. w3fools) are more helping than the official docs, but they actually had a clear explanation of that class, not to mention really nice examples.
I think that w3schools link can kind of act like a reference.

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I know right, I almost never link to w3 as they do not seem to update their stuff or have very high standards for code quality.

But I guess that just goes to show how hard it can be to write and maintain good docs.