Bootstrap rows look fine on codepen, not on github?

Hey everyone. I tried moving my portfolio to codepen to github for a more professional look. But for some reason, in the portfolio section, it doesn’t look the same on the github page when I load it up. It’s supposed to be a series of rows with text inline with images, like this. But for some reason, on my github page, the images and text are not showing inline. It’s as if the page is ignoring the bootstrap “row” class. Also while on codepen the text within the portfolio entries has no decoration, on github it is underlined. Here’s a link to the github.

Any help very much appreciated! thanks!

Edit: just realized I was importing the link for bootstrap 4, and I wrote the page with 3. So I fixed that, and it fixed one, not all, of my rows. Still a little perplexed.

Edit again: refreshed the page after a few minutes. Looks fine now. Crisis averted!

Hi @KayDeeJay . I just clicked on each “Analyze” selector for your codepen project and several warnings/errors were displayed. You might want to go back into your code and review each analysis, which may help resolve the issues you are having with your portfolio format.