Bootstrap stripped table style not working in ReactJS

ReactJS is ignoring my CSS and renders the table without highlighting alternate rows. I am using the default bootstrap styles.
<table className="table table-striped table-condensed"> .... </table>
The styles work correctly using a plain static HTML page.

Is the issue due to the dynamic nature of React where the CSS is not applied correctly while being created. Perhaps, the fix is to reapply the styles after the table is fully rendered. Is there such an event for that?

I can actually see the difference between the rows if I look closely. You may need to use some of your own css to make the contrast more obvious.

You are right. I would not have noticed it, as I am colour bind, I have been beating my head against the wall and cursing React, rather than looking in the mirror.
I will increase the contract so that I can actually see the alternating colours.

Thanks for loaning me your pair of eyes.