Bootstrap Toggles

Hello Everyone,
I’m new to HTML and working through some growing pains. I’m working on an assignment, and the last issue I’m dealing with is a Bootstrap hamburger toggle button. Two issues I’m dealing with:

  1. Clicking on the button does not pull down the three options “Chicken”, “Beef”, and “Sushi”.

  2. The toggle should only be visible at medium screen sizes and smaller. The three options from the pull down should only be visible from the pulldown toggle.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.



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Hello, Html you need doulble quotes on your values. Css your missing a closing brace. Also you need closing tags on all your elements div nav etc…

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I have limited experience with Bootstrap, but I remember that you have to import Popper.js for drop-down menus to work.

Add this line to your HTML head and test if it does the trick:

 <script src="" ></script>	
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For the version of Bootstrap it looks like you are using (V3) you need jQuery as well. Instead of using local files, use the CDN links from the docs.

Look at the Basic template (you need the CSS, and the two JS links)