Bootstraping fundamentals

Hi guys, Im new to FCC (and to coding), and just started this new path.

So far, I’ve made it to the part where we start talking about Bootstraping, "Use Responsive Design with Bootstrap Fluid Containers "

I cant help but notice that the course says that: "You can add Bootstrap to any app by adding the following code to the top of your HTML:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//"/ (the element should be closed here, but that makes the line invisible in the post) "

Yet in the next few steps, despite throwing some nifty new classes and stuff into my code, I don’t actually see the quoted above link. Stranger than that, all new classes work, even though I haven’t defined them in my CSS element.

So how can you apply a class to an element without previously defining said class and have it work? Sorry if the question is very basic, but I’m kinda learning alone and despite the FCC course being very cool, it has some “non obvious to newbies quantum leaps” from time to time.

PS - Any tips on how to effectively share lines of code in a forum post?

fCC adds that link behind the scenes. I understand that can be confusing! When you’re coding in your own text editor on your computer, you will have to insert that link between the <head></head> tags.

PS - Any tips on how to effectively share lines of code in a forum post?

When you’re creating a new forum post, you’ll see a bar above the text box with a </> button. Just insert your code into the text box, select it, and then click that button. Alternatively, you can just add three backticks ``` right before your code and after it in your forum post. I hope that answers your question!

In the very first step of the Bootstrap section the make a note: we’ve already added it (bootstrap calling code) for you to this page behind the scenes.