Boring Tech Doc Feedback - general feed back & <main> responsive issue

Hello FCC community,

Hoping to get a little feed back on this Technical Document. I really love learning new little CSS tricks and here took the opportunity to employ the the text gradient property. I try to push myself on each project so I added a little whimsy with color. Is it too much?

On a more technical note I am having issues with the main area moving over my fixed nav area when going to smaller screen sized. I tried to removed the fixed css property from nav but then lose the height that I want to see. Also when looking on my iPhone 6 the word-wrap property is not working. Is this a codepen issue? Any suggestions?

I took all of the content from w3schools but retyped it and added a bit of customization in the example code content. Wondering how the community feels about this as far as using original content. I did give attribution on the bottom of the page with a link.