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Can someone tell me why my lines through the text are still visible even when I’m not hovering over the text? Thank you.

And why can’t I see it at all now! :sob:

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You can’t see anything because of line 20 in your CSS:
transform: scale(0);

You also have a typo on line 25;
transfrom: scale(1);


Good morning, everyone! Can someone please help me? Thank you!

Now my only problem, is why do the lines through the text not work as supposed to?

I’m sorry to bombard with more, but besides my other problem, why isn’t my code here in another pen working properly?

And how do I center this? And why won’t my background show up?

  1. It is translateY not translate-Y (edit: at line 57)

  2. You are going to have to give us more information than that.

  3. Your translate function has a . in the arguments, it should be a comma ,. Edit: at line 15 (should be translate(-50%, -50%)). For the second question it is because the body element is collapsed (it’s child element is out of document flow) so you can set height: 100vh on the body.


So the first is fixed now, thank you!

With the second one, I’m supposed to have little check signs on the list when I press the particular item, but instead they are just straight lines.

and the last is fixed too! Amazing!

For the second project:

  1. Line: 51 you have a typo it should be width.

  2. Line: 56 the selector is for the i element, you have a 1

Should be:

.list input[type="checkbox"]:checked ~ i

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No way. What I dork I am!

Thank you absolutely so much! It works now!

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