Bouncing Inflatable Green Ball Landing Page
If you can check the code out and tell if I can do something better. I really want to write better css.

I will put my code through validator later :wink:

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A few suggestions to get you started:

  • In the top nav, one of your items is just an image and doesnโ€™t link to anything and the last item is completely empty. Also, when I narrow my browser and the nav items start to line wrap, the black bottom border that shows on hover covers up the items on the second row.
  • Iโ€™m getting a horizontal scroll bar (using FF) unless I widen my browser quite a bit.
  • The first h2 should be an h1
  • You need a label for the email input
  • As I increase the text size, the content on the yellow/green background starts to disappear under the black background below it. Also, the button text starts to break out of the button (e.g. the Buy buttons and the Submit button for the email address).
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Thank you will work on that stuff.