Brackets app freeze

hi evereyone,

I was working on my project via brackets, it’s been a 2 days that freeze, I don’t know what to do next(( any suggestions? I am using Win 10 I don’t think i have memory issues bcoz the laptop is brand new, There is only white screen nothing is responsive even close button, so i am desperate, i am an absolute beginner in computer things. TIA

as much as we try to help anyone here, maybe you need to reach out to Brackets support?

Hi @manshuk89, as mentioned it would probably be best to reach out to Brackets support.
I just wanted to mention that I use Brackets too. I’m on a MacBook Pro. I have had Brackets freeze up on me a couple of times when I was starting it up but that mainly happened when I was doing a lot of things on my laptop for days on end. A simple restart of the computer cleared things out and had me running fine.
You haven’t mentioned what you were doing when it freezes. And on a side note, a brand new laptop doesn’t necessarily have a lot of memory by default unless you’ve paid for it.