Brand NEW: Learning Code "Cheating/Crutches"

Hey so I just decided to start learning code, yesterday actually.
I know coding is all about problem solving, I started the FreeCodeCamp stuff and some lessons were easy to follow, but I am not even that far in and I’ve already hit a few obstacles. For a few of them I just kept trying and figured it out, but the recent one’s I maybe do not understand the concepts themselves or the “rules to code”. Hmm. I was going to post my code to get help but I see that people on YouTube have walkthroughs.

I guess my question is, will I still learn to code, if when I get stuck I refer to a walkthrough or this forum?

I dont wanna use you guys as a crutch or the videos because I wanna actually have the skill, at the same time I do not know what a happy medium is or if I am being to hard on myself.

This is more of a self taught thing so I do not know how much outside help is “allowed”.

I loved when people would help me in match class, or the teacher, they would help me solve the problem or where I went wrong rather than just doing everything for me, but also there are times where I don’t know how to do a problem and someone doing and example problem or doing the problem right turn on that light in my head, the “aha” moment.

Will the tutorials or asking you guys help me learn or it more of a crutch and last resort?

I have the article open for my given problem and I thought I applied the principles right but I might just watch this tutorial to see how he does it. Is that “cheating”?

I would put a walk through video as less good than asking questions on the forum. With the forum, we try to give you just enough that you get the most amount of the ahha process yourself. With a video walk through, you get very little of the ahha yourself.


Okay thank you, I’ll stick to the forum rather than the tutorials :slight_smile:

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