Brand New Portfolio Feedback


I’m getting close to getting my portfolio done and figured it ould be a good time to share it out with others to see what they think.

Please feel free to be brutally honest. :slight_smile:


Hi Eric,

I love your portfolio! I love the colors, the style, design, display of the elements, almost everything. :smile:

-Text content:
*“passionate about user experience design and ui development.” -> UI in capital letters is better I think
*About me section: AudienceSceience -> AudienceScience

-The light grey line between your sections appears through your nav bar in each section. It would be better I think if it wasn’t visible once we are in each section.

-Menu: When clicking on the menu button on left, it would be nicer I think if the transition was smoother when the menu appears. The transition is ok when the menu disappears, smoother would be better too.

-Work section: There is something, some blinking bothering me going from one square to another. The text in some of the neighboring squares (not the ones I am going to or I am going from) is dimming and lightening up again. It is distracting. I don’t like it so much. Only the squares on the bottom and on the right are doing this, never the one on the left and the ones on top.

-Skills and tools section: Same problem as on the work section, all the squares on the right and on the bottom dim and lighten up when going from one square to another.

I hope this helps! Good luck with the job hunting!


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Thank you for your response. It’s very helpful! I’ll make some changes that reflect your commonts.