Brand new to coding, need trainer please

Hello everyone my name is Timothy. I am a sophomore at Georgia state university and I am majoring in computer science. I have not started and major computer science courses yet and was wondering if anyone has the time or patience to teach me the fundamentals of coding and programming? I would like a head start in. If anyone can help please feel free to comment.

Hi Timothy,

Well I’m not a computer scientist, but I think this tip can give you a really good basis. I’ve seen this reccomendation all arund and it helped me a lot with the fundamentals.

You must watch the Harvard CS50 videos. It’s a 14 videos playlist (almost1h30min each one) with all intros you may need to feel confortable with computer science.

All lectures from a great teacher!

Hope it helps!! :raised_hands::man_technologist::wrench::hammer:

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Ahhhh and another tip that may help a lot is that… all of this programming world looks giant and full of things to learn… and it scares us a lot at the begginning!

It leaves us feeling the need of someone to hold our hands and guide us… the need of having someone to answer all our doubts when we’re lost… But te truth is, there’s nobody with all the knowledge of everything in programming and CS… people has more knowledge in some parts than other… and everyone is a learner forever!

After some time you’ll realize that, and you’ll feel more confortable to have always a bunch of tabs/books/notes opened when you’re building/working/learning, because you’ll never know everything. You’ll be confortable with the feeling that you are able to figure out things by yourself, researching, reading the docs, and trying out with the examples, and the minute later, implementing it in your project. That’s the way it is… too feel comfortable that you don’t know all but you’ll be always able to learn anything you need!! :muscle::facepunch:

Go to it my friend! with patience and curiosity!

Thank you so much for the help I will definitely watch these lectures and take great notes on them!

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Instead of taking good notes you should watch the videos and do the respective problem sets on edx. Application of the concepts is a much better way to learn. This is coming from a straight A college student who’s never taken notes and realized since starting programming it’s cause I participate a lot in active learning.

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