Brand new user, can't get any login page

I am happy to say I seem to have joined the site and actually did a few HTML
examples. I appear to have a valid account with the user name jas2004.
My name is Joel Stevens and I appear to have a valid account also on the
Forums. This may be strange but I am having trouble logging in after I
have logged out. I am clicking the very generic “Sign in and get started”
button, I am asked for my email where I will be sent a OTP code so I can
continue. I just am not able to see how to get a proper login screen for a
user who has already logged in and done a few examples. What am I missing?
Thanks. Joel Stevens

for privacy issues I am removing your email address from your post.

Just the “Sign in here” button and put the OTP as required. That will let you log in.
There is not email+password log in, or you use your email and the OTP or a third party log in.