Break a while loop. Smallest Common Multiple task


As many people suggest, I divided the task into several smaller task. One of which is to find the greatest common divisor.
It seems the algorithm is working correctly. Logging x gives results of 104, 24, 8 and 0. But I cannot break it to return the 8.
Alternative solution is to push x into a newly created array and then return the required elements of the array (arr[arr.length-1]). But I do not like it.

function smallestCommons(arr) {
  let x  
  while (arr[0]%arr[1]!==0){
    x=arr[0]%arr[1]       // this substitution is required for the following formula to work. 
    arr[0]=arr[1]*Math.round(x)+x       //this is the formula for GCD a=b*q+r. 
console.log(x)      //this is to check results of x to make sure formula works

// following is the break statement which does not work 
if (x==0) {
      console.log(`reacher zero`) 
     return x
console.log(smallestCommons([360, 128]));

I am not sure about my approach to solving the task. However, it does not matter so much at the moment. My question only concerns the break issue.

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