Breaking in to EMR & HL7 coding (healthcare...)

I want to break in to coding with electronic medical records and HL7 interface by creating some really useful tools for physicians and nurses to use while caring for patients. Some ides from a recent review of websites include tallying costs of tests being ordered, cumulative radiation doses from imaging, amount of blood lost during routine hospital lab draws, etc.

But since patient information is private, how can i start coding and workign on real life problems unless I’m already employed by an EMR company?

You can find fake datasets for testing by a google search for “emr fake dataset for testing.” The challenge will be finding a matching or at least compatible set for whatever EMR you are working on. You may have to make your own compatibility software since it still isn’t totally standardized yet.

I’m not sure if they still offer this, but I watched the videos for this course a few months ago. I remember the teacher talking about some mock datasets for some of the tools he reviewed. This looks like a really promising field, but I determined it was not for me after watching those videos.

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