Breaking into a frontend development career


I have been learning frontend languages and frameworks over the last year and a half and am wondering if I would be able to fit a junior frontend dev role with my current skill level. I have a portfolio that I built that hosts some of my completed projects and certifications from courses that I have taken. I would love some feedback on my portfolio and my projects, as well as advice regarding what I can do to improve my stock for junior dev positions. Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.

My Dev Portfolio


Looked into your GH profile Markel-Bradford · GitHub but don’t see regular commits ?

Portfolio website looks good though.

You should start applying for job and attend as much interviews as possible.

But don’t stop coding and committing every day.

I suggest to look into Y Combinator Jobs and keep applying even if you fit into their 25% skill set. Do get in touch with founders on linkedin with proper message.

All the very best.

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Please reduce the size of your image and video files.

I found files sizes of 7 to over 10 MB, resulting in loading times of 10 seconds and more on my fast network for a single page. A simple site like yours should have loaded in less than a second. The hero video is slowing the user experience down and is not worth it imho, you will find better alternatives.

Put asset optimization on your learning schedule to improve your chances.
Best of luck!

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Hello, vikramvi.

Thank you for the feedback. I will check into Y Combinator and best practices for commits.

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Hi, Daniel.

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback on how I can improve UX. I will work on optimizing assets to improve performance and research best practices for file sizing.


You can re-post the project with improved assets. I will run some network tests again and give you the results if I should be online. Like everything in IT doesn’t have to be perfect the first time. If you managed to reduce the loading times by just 25%, it’s already progress.

This is not a vanity stat by the way. Tests repeatedly show that especially mobile users are impatient and will drop out of an application in large numbers when they have to wait just a few seconds more.

Awesome. Thank you very much. I did some reading and I see exactly what you mean. I saw some great articles about how this can increase bounce rates and decrease transaction completions. I really do appreciate that insight.

I tinified all of my images and changed my hero video to a different video. I also reduced the size of the video to 4mb. I will share the link again below.

My Dev Portfolio

I would reconsider that moving background. Use something less likely to give motion sickness or add a strong blur to it.

Nicely done, night and day difference, finally someone listening to the network guy :wink::

Less than 1 to 2 seconds on my 28k network - 10+ seconds before.

7,77 seconds (your lucky number) on a fast 3G connection - up to 1 minute before.

Wish I had recorded the before stats for your records, that’s something you should mention in interviews. There won’t be many junior devs talking about improving network speeds!

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Fair point. Do you think all motion is a poor choice or more so the spinning? I would like to have a dynamic hero section that provides a good user experience and grabs attention on entry.

That is honestly really cool to see. Thanks for teaching me something I can carry with me. Going to check and adjust these on all of my current projects and projects going forward to optimize performance.

My two cents: Always think of the target audience of a project.

In case of a portfolio it is primarily senior engineers and other actors in the hiring process. Nowadays they have to go through dozens and more applications. It’s best to get straight to the point, they are on tight schedules.

You will leave a much better impression with good performing projects that you have optimized yourself (and documented the process).

After the 20th portfolio of the day they might be rolling their eyes seeing another animation and thinking “I got it, what are your essential skills?”

I would say it is the combination of the perspective, forward motion, and spinning.

You can have motion, that is why I suggested a blur, so it is just some random motion in the background.

As said, focus on your projects, they are more important.