Breath of the Wild: A Tribute Page

Good morning all!

I’ve completed the Tribute Page a week or so ago but forgot to post it here for feedback. It’s far from sophisticated but I hope you guys like it and can provide some constructive insight on making it more user-friendly and attractive.

Breath of the Wild: A Tribute

Would anyone with colorblindness have issues viewing this page?

Thanks in advance! :grinning:

Looks pretty attractive. I am not an expert on accessibility so I will give you a link to a good article.

Few suggestions.

  • Give line-height: 1.5 to your paragraphs. It will increase the space between each line in the paragraphs like double space in word for readability. You can increase this number.
  • On mobile, the content of your page stretches from one end to the other without space on the edges. This doesn’t provide good user experience. I would give some fixed width to provide spaces on the edges.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Nice looking page.
I won’t repeat what’s already been mentioned, I will add though to not forget to use the ‘alt’ attribute for <img> elements.

Nice page. The layout of elements flows well and seems pretty good semantically.

Regarding accessibility for people who are colorblind, it might just be a good design practice to keep a lighter-colored background image, and use larger, dark text that contrasts well with the background.

Thank you @shimphillip, @Roma, and @dylanhamada for your feedback! :smile: I’ve made changes per your suggestions and basically revamped the color scheme for the page–keeping it simple and readable.

Also, while testing on mobile, I learned how to implement a few important features that I’ll be sure to use in my projects going forward. This was a fun project that I know I’ll be returning to just to see how much better I can make it–namely, figuring out how to stack text and images in the container, in a particular order. Thanks again!

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