Brew95's Personal Portfolio

Here’s my 1st portfolio,

any comments are appreciated.

Hello @brew95

Simple and straightforward page. It works fine but there some things that I noticed straight away.

To my eye the red and the gray in the nav have too low contrast, especially when hovering.

I also suggest you put some more placeholders for all the future webpages you’ll be making.

If you really are going for a portfolio page to find recruiters or clients, why not put your full name on it?

Off topic: Is that an Elvis statue in the background of your photo?

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that the gray on red doesn’t work very well and will probably change it. I will add more pages as I create them, but I don’t really like the look of visible placeholders. If this becomes a show case for my talents, then I will put my real name and a resume on it, but right now I am just treating it as an exercise in coding. Yes, that is The King and I, at the tourist welcome center in Memphis.