Broken "Applied Visual Design - Create Visual Balance Using the text-align Property"

This code shown in the image passes the code test ; however, the example in the right-hand column fails to justify the <p> tag. So it fails to work, even though the test says it is correct. This is the second one of these I’ve found in the past hour.

Probably it’s because your <p> tag is malformed (it’s <p"> in your screenshot)

Good eye! Thank you!

But then why does it pass the code test?

At least now I know that passing the test doesn’t mean it works, so if it passes but fails, I will look harder for other errors.

The test is probably just checking that you have the text-align: justify rule for the p selector, and it doesn’t check if you somehow added other characters to the HTML, even if it makes them invalid.

Yes, that part is obvious. It seems it should be checking the actual behavior of the HTML, but perhaps there is no technology to do that. (???)

Try submitting an issue. There might be interest to test the actual behavior of the preview.

Thank you. I just did.