Browser error message in Javascript chapter on and on

Hello, I’m brand new in FreeCodeCamp and this is very first message here.
Here is my problem :
I’ve finished the chapter “javascript-algorithms-and-data-structures”, except one lesson : “Iterate with JavaScript While Loops”. I haven’t any problem with code, but each time I want to submit my code, I don’t even have the time to click the button because my navigator displays an error message .And that happens only on this page, but each time I try… on and on …
Did anyone get the same problem ??

Thx a lot

@philippe-lanougadere You may have an infinite loop in your code which crashes the page. Can you post the code you tried for that challenge as a reply?

var i = 5;
while (i >=0){

thx a lot !!! I’ve just noticed that I wrote i++ (by reflex) instead of i-- … :crazy_face: