Browser is crashing since yesterday (23/Nov)

I am getting browser crashes in both chrome and edge browsers since yesterday (23/Nov).

Is it known issue?
Is there any workaround?
Are others also facing this issue?

Crashes while accessing FCC pages? Can you explain this better?


i see page crashing every time I see this link

  1. the page loads
  2. after 2-3 seconds it crashes even without any user input

the issue is not there with other pages.

thanks for the quick response!

I’ve accessed the page and is working fine on my computer. Did you try accessing the same page through other browser?

you probably have an infinite loop in the editor… try clearing cache

i have restarted chrome and also restarted computer, but the problem is still there. Chrome is crashing on this link after loading for 2-3 sec without user input. I checked in Edge browser. there is not crashing but i see a strange timeout message in the console. I see on-load itself, the while loop is specified which could be cause of the problem. I reset the code and the while loop disappears. In chrome i am not able to reset the code and browser crashes very quickly after loading.

Have you tried clearing the cache as @ilenia suggested earlier? Restarting Chrome or restarting the computer is not clearing the cache. See this answer on StackExchange for how to clear the cache for a particular site (like