Budget app: clarification for percentages

Hi there, so i have been working on this budget app and I got everything to print out nicely and how they needed it to output, but the only problem is that my bars don’t match the bars on the expected output in the testing module.
So the only thing I can think of me doing wrong, is that I am misunderstanding what they mean for percentage spent from each Categroy(). I though it was a simple calulation of:
(Total_spent / Initial_Deposit) *100
But after re-reading the prompt, it says do not take into account any deposits, but if there is no initial deposit/money, how can you calculate percentage spent from zero?
I don’t particularly need help with the coding part, but rather the understanding part, but here is my code in case you which to see it:


My main point I need to change is the get_percentages_spent() function.

It’s percentage spent per category, so the sum of spent (withdrawn) money in specific category to the total spent sum in all categories.

Oohhh ok, got it. Was not understanding that, thank you. :grin: