Budget App incorrect expected string

I am trying to do the Budget app for the Scientific Computing with Python module, and when I submit it, it says that it is expecting this:
------------Food-------- -----
deposit 900.00
milk, cereal, eggs, bac -45.67
Transfer to Entertainme -20.00
Total: 834.33

As you can see there are two spaces in the title line. Why does it want this? It very clearly shows in the instructions that it should be unbroken. What I have IS unbroken, but for some reason this is the ‘expected’ value. Any help on this?

Edit: I subsituted the asterisk for dashes because it did not show up properly.
Challenge: Budget App

Link to the challenge:

You are right, the space shouldn’t be there. Boilerplate code doesn’t have it - boilerplate-budget-app/test_module.py at master · freeCodeCamp/boilerplate-budget-app · GitHub. Check your test_module.py file, perhaps it ended up there by accident.

Perhaps I accidentally put it there. I thought I was going crazy, lol

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