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I can’t understand what I have to calculate the percentage spent on, because if I calculate it on the deposit I get the wrong percentages and so I get the wrong chart.
For example the food object has 900 of deposit and 105 of spent so the percentage is about 11% but the test expected result have 70% and I don’t know where it came from.

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class Category:

def init(self,cat):
self.CategoryName = cat
self.ledger =

def deposit(self,amount,description=’’):

def withdraw(self,amount,description=’’):
if self.check_funds(amount):
return True
return False

def get_balance(self):
if len(self.ledger)>0:
deposit = self.ledger[0][‘amount’]
spent = 0.00
for iter in range(1,len(self.ledger)):
return deposit - spent
return 0

def transfer(self,amount,category):
state = self.withdraw(amount,f’Transfer to {category.CategoryName}’)
if not state:
return False

category.deposit(amount,f'Transfer from {self.CategoryName}')
return True

def check_funds(self,amount):
return self.get_balance()-amount >= 0.00

def str(self):
finalStr =self.CategoryName.center(30,’*’)+’\n’
for item in self.ledger:
description = item[‘description’]
if len(description)>23:
description = description[:23]

  correctAm = str(format(item['amount'],'.2f'))
  finalStr+=description+(' '*(30-(len(description)+len(correctAm))))+correctAm+'\n'
finalStr+=f'Total: {self.get_balance()}'
return finalStr

def create_spend_chart(categories):

categoryList =
for category in categories:
spent = round((category.ledger[0][‘amount’]-category.get_balance()))
percent = round(((spent*100)/category.ledger[0][‘amount’]))

chart =‘Percentage spent by category\n’
for i in range(100,-10,-10):
chart +=(’ ‘*(3-len(str(i))))+f’{i}|’
for category in categoryList:
chart += ’ o ’ if category[1]>=i else ’ ’
chart +=’ \n’
chart +=’ ‘+’—’*len(categoryList)+’-’

i = 0
while True:
stateContinue = False
chart+=’\n ’
for category in categoryList:
if i<len(category[0]):
chart+=f’ {category[0][i]} ’
stateContinue = True
chart+=f’ ’
if not stateContinue:
return chart

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It’s supposed to be the percentage of the total spent per spending category, so the $105 spent is approximately 70% of the total spent.

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