Budget App problem

I don’t know what’s the problem.
i’ll appreciate if you could help me.
it seems like there are more spaces in my output than in the correct output(between “[47 chars]” and “900.00”, but i don’t know how to correct it. i’m sure it is a little issue.

Thank you.

Your code so far

def repr(self):
body = ‘’
head = self.category.center(30, ‘*’) + ‘\n’
for n in self.ledger:
body += n[‘description’][:23].ljust(23) + str(n[‘amount’]).rjust(7) + ‘\n’
total = 'Total: ’ + str(self.get_balance())
return head+body + total

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Challenge: Budget App

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I could be wrong, but it looks like your output is displaying “900” instead of 900.00" and “20” instead of “20.00” - I’m not the best at reading those error codes though.


I am not sure but it looks like there is something wrong with your withdraw function. Make sure the keys “amount” and "description return the right values.

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