Budget app transfer problem

Hello, for my transfer function, the transfer works fine. It withdraws and deposts the correct amounts in the right places, but the description isn’t printing out the name of the category, it is printing out the address.

For the normal withdraw, the description is correct, but when the number is withdrawn via the transfer method


I changed main to deposit/withdraw/transfer a few times and this is what I end up with

Here is my code so far, I know it is missing the checks, https://repl.it/@chrisw2209/boilerplate-budget-app#budget.py

Thanks in advance for your help

That’s because you didn’t tell it to print the name.
You did it correct in the next line.

Thaks for relpying, but I am still unsure, which line do you mean?

In you transfer method the deposit looks fine, the withdraw doesn’t.

sorted now, schoolboy error :man_facepalming: