Budget App. Where to learn about classes?

Hi, I’m working on Budget App and there are some issues I don’t truly understand.

First, I wasn’t able to complete all methods because I didn’t achieve to connect it between them. Where can I learn how methods interact inside a class and gain a deeper knowledge about classes in general? I think that maybe with a deeper view on object-oriented programming I will be able to achieve the task.

Also, I would like to gain some expertise in returning formatted variables and things like length, width, f"strings and so on. Maybe someone knows some resources that can help me to fully understand both matters.
Thanks in advance for your help.

That is a really deep topic that reaches from simple software construction all the way to CS theory still being researched today. But for a layman’s intro to concepts of OOP that goes beyond just “how this works”, you could do worse than to study the software engineering principles known as SOLID.

Also, anything by Robert C. Martin or Bertrand Meyer is solid gold as far as learning about OOP goes.

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Thanks Chuck! I will dive through the web and sure I will use your references.