Bug in checker for lesson "ES6: Use * to Import Everything from a File"

Seems that the custom checker for testing import functions (custom, because they can’t be ordinarily run in the browser) relies on the import path being specified in double quotes. It should make no difference whether single or double quotes are used.

My initial answer:
import * as whatever_the_function from 'capitalize_strings';

…would not validate until double quotes were used on the path:
import * as whatever_the_function from "capitalize_strings";

I had created pull request that went stale, so I closed it. It was related to this challenge. Also, I made some comments on this pull request which might need to be considered if someone wants to fix both of this challenge and the other one Understand the Differences Between import and require.

Feel free to create a pull request of your own and reference the original issues mentioned and hopefully it will go farther.