BUG in free code camp's curriculum

Hey guys,
my laptop crashed recently and I logged back onto freecode camp to continue my algorithm challenge. To my dismay, I wasn’t able to start from where I stopped, but I was compelled to start the algorithm challenges from scratch. Through gritted teeth, I started the algorithm challenges afresh and got past my previous challenges. Today, my laptop crashed again (I know, I know) and the same thing has happened again. I don’t have the mental strength or the patience to go through the same exercises. Please, someone should help me. What can I do about this?

Don’t forget: Repetition is the mother of all learning! :smiley:

You can find all your solutions on your profile page. If the site navigates you to an earlier challenge, you can just select the correct challenge from the map.

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I tried that both times it happened, and it didn’t work :frowning:

You needed to refactor that code anyway.:smile:

Not all your solutions are on your profile page?

That is right. The number to the right of “donate” reads [251]. Is there a way you could help me look into my account? If you need permission, I give it.

I am just a moderator on the forum. You can send an email to team@freecodecamp.com explaining the issue.

Ok. Thanks a lot. I appreciate your help, regardless.