Bug in Learn-bash-scripting-by-building-five-programs

Hello there,
There seams to be a bug in Learn Bash by building five programs.
In one of the tasks, for solution you should enter help and press enter to pass on the next task. However, when you do that it displays error ‘‘You should run your script with correct argument’’
I tried it in Firefox and in Chrome, also I deleted cookies and cash on browser and nothing helps.
Here is the link to the problem:

And here is the picture :

Please help me solve it so I could continue with tutorials.
Thank you

Here is the text of the task:

Looks like your if condition is working. Next, you want to loop over the argument and count down to zero from it. Check the help menu to see if there’s any commands for this.

Also I tried reset the task and nothing helps :confused:

Sorry for your troubles @mirjana.petrovic.qa. Are the tests running automatically? What is the test text (the little popup text that shows up at the bottom when the tests run)?

There’s a frustrating bug I am trying to resolve in these that I think may have happened here. It’s described here. That’s a for a different course, but the problem may be the same. There’s instructions there how to attempt to get passed the problem. If the test text for your step doesn’t align with the instructions, that’s likely the problem.

Let us know if you get it resolved or have any more questions.

Thank you @moT01 so much :slight_smile:
This worked for me, one of the test was not commented so I commented it out, but since it didn’t help I had to delete 2 tests before last one. After that I refreshed the page, entered solution and it worked. I tried next tests and everything is working fine now :slight_smile:

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