Bug in manipulating complex objects

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I need help with the curly braces and errors not allowing me move forward on manipulating complex objects

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// Add record here
    "artist": "Pasuma",
    "title": "Americana",
    "release_year": 2003,
    "formats": [

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here’s the error i am getting

SyntaxError: unknown: Unexpected token, expected , (14:2)
  12 |   }
  13 |   // Add record here
> 14 |   {
     |   ^
  15 |     "artist": "Pasuma",
  16 |     "title": "Americana",
  17 |     "release_year": 2003,
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“Unexpected token” means that you have a character where a different character is required. In this case, JavaScript was expecting a , but instead found the token {. Items in an array must be separated with commas.

Ariel where i tried typing on, i’m expected to start with a curly braces which i did. but immediately underneath the starting curly brace there was a red line stopping me from proceeding. what do i do to the error?

Thanks leslie, i used the comma and it worked